As sea routes directly impact on oil trade and export business, every country wants to control on maximum geographic area. The naval prowess of one country claims its share on sea route. The warship is the pillar of navy. The mammoth sized warship not only sieges the water-border but also counters external threats. It can carry dozens of fighter-jets that check threats from the sky. Also, modern warships are loaded by nuclear weapons that can destroy enemy's warship and submarines.

Here, we bring top deadly warships:

1. Ford class: 335 metre long Ford class carries 85 aircrafts. It is a successor to the Nimitz class aircraft carriers. Ford class is a part of USA Navy.

2.  Improved Nimitz class: USA Navy's warship Improved Nimitz class carries 80 aircrafts. Its length is 332 metre.

3. Kuznetsov: It was commissioned in Russian Navy in 1991. Kuznetsov carries 40 aircrafts.

4. Liaoning:  Liaoning was commissioned in Chinese navy in 2012. The warship carries 40 fighter-jets.

5. Queen Elizabeth class:  It was laid down in 2009 and expected to commission in United Kingdom in 2017. Queen Elizabeth class would carry 40 aircrafts.

6. Charles de Gaulle: France Navy's warship Charles de Gualle was  commissioned in Navy in 2001. It carries 40 fighter-jets.

7. Vikramaditya: It was commissioned in Indian Navy in 2014. 30 aircrafts are on board.

8. Sao Paulo: The warship was commissioned in French Navy in 1963. Later, it was sold to Brazilian Navy in  2000. It carries 40 aircrafts.

9. Cavour: The Italy warship was commissioned in 2008. Twenty aircrafts are placed on board to counter any threat.

10. Chakri Naruebet: Commissioned in 1997,  Thailand Navy's warship carries 30 aircrafts.

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