The world's first metro system was built in London in 1863. There are around 160 metro systems in 55 countries till 2014.

Here, we bring top splendid metro stations:  

1. Dubai Metro: It is one of  the few metro systems that are fully automatic. The Dubai Metro runs driverless trains.

2. London Underground, UK:
It is the world's oldest metro rail system. The first metro station was built in 1863.

3. Stockholm Metro, Sweden:  The Stockholm Metro is one of the most beautifully decorated stations. There are 100 stations on this route and around 1,122,000 passengers travel in metro everyday.

4. Paris Metro, France: French capital Paris has second busiest metro system in Europe. The network has sixteen lines. It covers up to a distance of 214 km.

5. Berlin-Spandau, Germany:  Berlin-Spandau route is situated at Spandau district. It replaced the historic Spandau Railway Station of Germany.

6. Kievskaya Metro, Russia: Kievskaya Metro is one of the most artistic adorned stations in the world. Built in 1954, Kievskaya Station is situated at Moscow.

7. Athens Metro, Greece: The Athens Metro serves 33 stations and has a daily ridership of around 1.5 million passengers daily.

8. Komsomolskaya station, Russia: The Komsomolskaya Station is known for its splendour look. It attracts tourists in Moscow.

9. Saint Petersburg, Russia: The  Saint Petersburg Metro was built in 1955. It is one of the most elegant metro stations in the world with classic artwork.

10. Alisher Navoi Metro Station, Tashkent: Tashkent Metro subway station has been elegantly designed. Each station of its route is unique and has rich showcase of art and replication of folklore.

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