We bring you some of the most controversial spiritual leaders who hogged the limelight for their controversial acts rather than preaching spirituality in its true sense.

Radhe Maa

This self-proclaimed godwoman has been making the news since she made her first appearance as a spiritual lady. She changed the way people think how a spiritual leader should be by her bold get-up. Recently, Radhe Maa grabbed the limelight when she was caught in a quite modern avtaar. Some controversial pictures of Radhe Maa are doing the rounds on the internet where she is wearing a red short dress. These pictures are enough to shock her devotees.

Asaram Bapu

A person who used to sell tea in front of a magistrate house became a spiritual guru. With 425 ashrams and 50 gurukuls in India and abroad, Asharam was treated as god by his followers. This spiritual leader landed in controversy when he was accused of sexually abusing a 16-year-old girl at his Jodhpur ashram.

Swami Nithyananda

He claims to be one of the most watched spiritual leaders on YouTube having innumerable followers who trusted him blindly. This guru landed into controversy after a video footage showing him in a compromising position with an actress. Although Nithyananda said the video was morphed and manipulated to misrepresent his personal life but he did not deny his images with the actress in the footage.

Nirmal Baba

Nirmaljit Singh Nirula, who suffered from a major loss in his business ventures claimed  he has attained nirvana and then he became Nirmal Baba. He has been involved in many controversies. He faced legal complications for its fraudulent activities for charging exorbitant sum of money in the name of solving problems with his self proclaimed divine powers.

Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh

He claims to be a social reformer, preacher, spiritual leader, now an actor also. But he is as controversial as other spiritual gurus. This 'Rockstar Baba' had been charged by CBI for sexually assaulting women followers of the Dera. He is also under investigation for conspiring murder of Dera manager Ranjit Singh and a Sirsa based journalist.

These controversial spiritual leaders teach us that there is a difference between 'faith' and 'blind faith'.


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