Lucknow: Blowing the bugle against the Congress led UPA, the ruling Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) in Uttar Pradesh came out on the streets on Tuesday to mark protest against the hike in petrol prices. Led by the state ministers, party members held protests in all the districts of the state.

UP Chief Minister Mayawati said the Congress believes in anti common man and anti development policies. She accused Congress of adopting a dual face towards the people hailing from financially weak background. The CM said, “On one end, Congress reflects sympathy for them but on ground reality it has done nothing to uplift the living standards of people belonging to financially weak background.”

A BSP spokesman said “The Centre is concerned about the financial deficits faced oil companies but it is least bothered about the problems faced by the common man due to the repeated hike in petrol prices. The UPA move reflects the flaws in the financial policies of the Union Government.”

The party spokesman said, “The Centre failed to check the skyrocketing inflation. It has increased the petrol price 12 times since April, 2008.” As a result, the price of petrol has increased from Rs 48.30 in 2008 to Rs 68.46 per litre in 2011. 

While, state government had made cooking gas as tax free in 2008. VAT on diesel has been reduced by 5 per cent, added the BSP leader. Coming to the support of people coming from financially weak background, the BSP government did not increase tax on petrol, diesel and kerosene oil since 2009.