Continuous downpour has triggered flood in East Siang district with all the major rivers and their tributaries were flowing above the danger mark, SDO Alen Pertin said in a statement on Wednesday.

The overflowing Sille River had washed away the approach road of a bailey bridge at MMR road in between Niglok and Mikong.

Parliamentary secretary for industries Tatung Jamoh along with the DC rushed to the spot on Tuesday for immediate attention and necessary restoration works.

Meanwhile, PHED assistant engineer Kaling Taki in a release on Wednesday said that the headwork intake tank of a mega project has been filled with silt and the raw main feeding pre sedimentation tank has been washed due to torrential rain.

An official report from East Kameng district on Wednesday said that rains created havoc at Seppa town causing widespread damages to public and private properties.

Most affected areas are Pagyawelly Colony, Bebo Colony, Model Village, Upper Boso and Tagungsaw Colony, New Seppa.

According to the report, heavy rain has either damaged or washed away at least 15 dwelling houses and two piggeries in different colonies of the township on Tuesday night. It also damaged the main water supply pipelines causing scarcity of drinking water in the town.

The electric poles of Ty-I and Model village also fell down causing total disruption in power supply.

Colony roads of model village, Tagungsaw (New Seppa), Boso colony, shortcut to medical were also badly damaged by rain water.


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