"Inclusive development has been underlined as the benchmark in the policy planning of the coalition government and last five years witnessed conspicuous forward movement in this direction," Omar said on Wednesday while talking to various deputations from different areas of the state in Jammu, an official release said.

The deputations had called on the Chief Minister to convey their gratitude to him for creation of new administrative units in their areas, it said. "People in far-flung, remote and inaccessible areas require better deal in the process of socio-economic development started by his government," the release quoted Omar as saying.

Creation of new administrative units was a step further in this direction, he said. "We will take all steps to expand public reach to government and transfer of governance from secretariat to grass roots," he said.

"My government empowered people through various initiatives, brought in historic legislations, conducted panchayat elections and transferred powers to these democratic institutions so that people are largely involved in the development process," he said.

"We took measures to bring transparency, make administration accommodate and strengthened institutions to check corruption," he said and added that the creation of new administrative units in the state would strengthen these initiatives, especially in translating the development plans into reality.


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