Haridwar: Yoga Guru Ramdev on Monday described the Independence Day as ‘incomplete’, and said only one per cent of population has enslaved the whole country.

"Only one per cent of people of the country capturing the constitutional systems have made the 99 per cent population as slave and so the today's Independence is incomplete," Ramdev told reporters here.

He called for a change in the policies drafted by Britishers and asked to scrap the "draconian laws" enacted during the British raj.

"The fast track courts should complete the trial of the cases related to corruption in 3 to 6 months and give death penalty or life imprisonment to people if they are found guilty," he said.

Extending his support to Anna Hazare in his fight against corruption, Ramdev, however, refused to say anything when asked whether he would travel to Delhi for the cause. In this regard, he alleged that Centre is presenting every democratic movement as ‘undemocratic’.