The dignity of Pakistan has hit the bottom as America killed Osama bin Laden on its soil, Abbottabad. The Pakistan’s ruler and its Army Chief were claiming that Osama was not in Pakistan after America’s attack on Afghanistan, which was triggered by 9/11 attack. Pervez Musharaff also said that he was probably dead. Pakistan Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani also made similar statement, which was seconded by the Army and ISI chief, stating that he was hiding in a mansion nearby a military academy, 60 km away from Islamabad. Now, Pakistan is revealing the fact Osama was living there for the last five years. It cannot be believed that the Army and ISI were not aware of Osama having lived so close to the military academy.

In a bid to cover its face after Osama’s killing, the Pakistani leaders are trying to convince the world that the Pakistan was also actively involved in the operation, but the America summarily rejected the claim clarifying it did not share any information with Pakistan in this context.  CIA chief also said that he did not intimate Pakistan because he had misgiving that the information would have reached to Osama. As the US let Pakistan know about Osama’s death only after his burial in the sea, resentment of the latter is natural. Pakistan was angered more because it did not have any knowledge of American copters entering its foundry. Till Pakistani Army got alert, the US commandoes had already accomplished their mission. This has raised question over the Pakistan’s security arrangement. Four days after the incident, the Foreign Secretary of Pakistan warned America not to repeat such action, but the US President categorically said that if need be, he could again do Abbottabad. Secretary of State Hillary said that mere killing of Osama did not eliminate al-Qaeda. Next day America carried out drone attack in north Wazristan of Pakistan. When Pakistan used to exercise drone attacks, why has it got furious? Whatever Pakistan says, but it is clear that the US considers Pakistan a hub of terrorists and so it attacks Pakistan with drones. The US is not going to relent with the killing of Osama rather it is believed that the American authorities are now aiming at Taliban chief Mullah Omar and his ilk.

After the killing of Osama by American Navy Seal, Pakistan’s people and its media are badly hurt that why did the US conduct such operation without alerting Pakistan. The Pakistani leaders also termed the operation as a violation of sovereignty, but they should ask from themselves, why was there no impact on Pakistan’s sovereignty when the most wanted Osama was living there? Didn’t Pakistan’s image plummet with Osama hiding in the country or Pakistani establishment letting him hide on their soil? Pakistan fumed over Indian Army Chief General VK Singh’s statement that India could also do operation like America. Pakistan cautioned and even threatened India not to do so. Instead of stepping into verbal spat, India decided to continue dialogue with Pakistan. There is no benefit of involving in war with Pakistan and it would be better that both the countries should solve their issues through bilateral talks, but it does not mean that India keeps facing undeclared war of Pakistan.

India’s policy to mend relation with Pakistan is proved abortive. After Kargil, India has been excusing Pakistan’s every mistake, but on the other hand Pakistan is not ready to accept its involvement even in Mumbai terror attack. Pakistan’s point can never be accepted that India’s demand of punishing the culprits of Mumbai attack is now not being heeded. The reason of India’s soft stand towards Pakistan is obvious that it has equipped itself with nuke arms, but if India continues such meaningless dialogue, the result will be finally creating India’s position vulnerable. There must be dialogue with Pakistan, but it will not have any sense if India does not get benefitted with it. While talking with Pakistan it must be ensured that Pakistan should bust terror outfits, involved in anti-India activities, operating from its soil. Pakistan will not agree to it easily. Given the fact, India will have to ponder why should there be talks with Pakistan over economic-trade and cultural cooperation?

Now, the whole world is aware of the fact that Pakistan on the hand is patronizing terror outfits, on the other it wants to gather sympathy describing itself a terror-torn country. The real face of Pakistan has been exposed and it is also obvious that its Army and intelligence agencies are in league with terror outfits. The hiding of Osama in Pakistan has proved to be an albatross for it and India should not leave any stone unturned to enforce its objective. After Osama, the most wanted terrorist Dawood Ibrahim is also holed up in Pakistan. He is responsible for the 1992 Mumbai bomb blasts claiming hundreds of lives. His relatives too are living in Pakistan. Pakistan is unstintingly facilitating Dawood a luxurious life. However, it expresses its ignorance about his whereabouts. India should, indeed, expose Pakistan for such foul play as there is no need of doing Abbottabad. India can present before the world a concrete evidence of Dawood’s statement in Pakistan. If the US can adopt aggressive attitude for protecting its interests, why cannot India do the same?

Alongwith India, US also needs to review its Pakistan policy. The US is helping Pakistan with its fund in tune with billions of dollars which are being misused. America should not only advice Pakistan to drop idea of considering India as its threat. The foreign policy of Pakistan has been based on anti-India since 1947, which was once supported by America as well. Now, China is adopting similar policy. Going by the current state of affairs, it is essential that the US should rethink over Pakistan because it has been an enigma in comparison to Afghanistan or Iraq.

(An original copy of the article published in Hindi on May 8, 2010 translated by the English Editorial)