New Delhi: Seizure of drugs and illegal arms recorded an increase in the capital last year compared to 2010 with Delhi Police attributing it to an aggressive campaign.
There was over five-fold increase in narcotics-related cases in the capital with police registering 1,127 drug peddling cases in 2011 compared to a lowly 197 in 2010.
According to Delhi Police's 2011 annual report, a case of 'narco-terrorism' was also reported last year with police arresting a Manipur-based insurgent allegedly with 1,200 kg of ephedrine meant for manufacturing party drug 'ecstasy'.
The report said 1,285 drug peddlers were arrested last year as against 291 in 2010.
The investigators seized 57.9 kg of heroin or smack last year as against 26.1 kg in the previous year while they recovered 144.3 kg of opium in 2011 in comparison to 42.2 kg in 2010.
Other seizures include ganja (2,724 kg as against 2,098.3 kg in 2010) and cocaine (728 grams as against 108 grams).
"There has been a massive crackdown on drug abuse and drug peddlers leading to huge detections of narcotics. Seizures of drugs was 1,964 kg more, that is 4,556 kg as against 2,602 kg in the previous year," the report said.     

Similarly the seizures of illegal firearms rose significantly to 562 in 2011 as against 461 in 2010, it said, adding 2,439 ammunition wes also seized as against 1,165 in 2010.