Belonging to a small family and being caught in the ferocious cobweb of extreme poverty, Munawar was forced to work since his childhood to earn bread and butter. But this did not stop him from fulfilling his dreams. He always had a never ending love for reading and writing. He made his writing debut with a poetry at the age of just 13.

Fighting challenges and financial crunch, Munawar continued to read books for at least four hours a day. Today, he is an author of five successful award winning books namely:

1Soch Samandar (2004)
2. Pardes Di Sangat (2005)
3. Saddiyan De Bhait (2009)
4. Jhora Dhap Gawachi Da (2011)
5. Akhaan Mitti Ho Gaiyaan (2013)


Being a cobbler, Munawar's life revolves around repairing and polishing shoes. He even sells newspapers. He is estimated to earn around Rs 300 per day. Out of it, he saves Rs 10 for book publishing.

The great poet is currently also the member of dignified literary groups like the Royal Adabi Academy, Naqeebi Karvan-e-Adab and Jaranwala. Many awards from Organisations like Pakistan Writers’ Guild, Ashna-e-Saandal Bar and Punjabi Sevak bestowed many awards on him.


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