Bubble hotel

As the name itself suggests, the tiny hotel situated in France is a kind of snow bubble accommodation. The transparent glass bubble shape is pure magically and give you the feel of a fairy world.

Das Park Hotel

The very unique and incredible hotel is based in Germany. The hotel offers the golden chance to their guests to stay inside cement drainage pipe. The pipe is induced with very comfortable bed, light, blanket and all other essentials. It is truly among the world's most tiniest hotel rooms available.




Another type of capsule hotel situated at Moscow has around 61 rooms accommodation. The rooms are designed in the form of sleeping cells to provide cosy comfort to the guests.


Eco Pod

The popular cute and tiny igloo-like hotel rooms situated in Switzerland are truly incredible in its own way. With the lap of snow covered mountains and nip in the air, these cute little rooms offer accommodation for just two people.


Capsule Inn 

The hotel located in Osaka, Japan is counted as world's first tiny capsule hotel built in 1979. After checking in, the guest is provided with wristband key. After leaving belongings to the assigned locker, the guest can easily relax inside the capsule room.


London-based hotel is another existing hotel in world where you can find tiniest rooms. The rooms ranging from 7-11.5 square metres have TV, WiFi, bed and attached bathroom. Truly incredible.

Cabanas No Rio

The hotel situated in Portugal is yet another unique and incredible creation of man. 'Cabanas No Rio' meaning cabins on the river are iconic relaxing option for you. One can easily enjoy the vibes of small hut and billion dollar river view with such an ease.



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