"There is always pressure during elections. Besides, we will be facing the pressure of incumbency. Congress has to fight. But if it can win three consecutive elections, then why not a fourth time?" Gogoi said.
He said that the pressure is not only on Congress, but the BJP is also under considerable pressure as it faced recent defeats in several states like in Bihar, Delhi and Uttarkhand and even in panchayat polls as in Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh.
Gogoi said during election there is always a possibility of communal, divisive and even extremist forces raising their heads and these ultimately affect the course of development.
"We have to fight against these forces but the common man cannot be taken for granted or underestimated. The common man will take decision taking all factors into consideration and we have full confidence in him," he added.
Asked how he gauged the pulse of the common man on the forthcoming assembly polls, Gogoi, who has helmed the state for the past three terms, said, "It was healthy. Neither very high nor very low and if my diagnosis is correct, the common man is with us and we will return to power."

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