It is highly shocking and objectionable that there will be no talks on Mumbai terror attack in the ensuing Indo-Pak foreign secretary level meeting, which drives home message that India’s foreign policy for Pakistan is not concerned with national interests. It is a profound irony that Indo-Pak relation touched the nadir owing to the 26/11 Mumbai mayhem, nevertheless the issue will be conspicuous by its absence in the foreign secretary-level talks between the two countries. It is indeed disappointing that our policy-makers have decided to improve Indo-Pak relation at the cost of India’s prestige. The statements of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs are quite disquieting that “the meeting of foreign secretaries of the both countries in Islamabad on June 23-24 will discuss on peace and security, Jammu & Kashmir and joint efforts to improve the relations.” It is highly surprising that despite the revelation of David Headley, an accomplice of the Mumbai bloodbath, in the Chicago court, the 26/ 11 holocausts is not on the agenda of the summit, which springs a clear meaning that India has gone oblivious to the Mumbai pogrom. The Indian establishment is well aware of the fact that Pakistan is not keen on punishing the perpetrators of Mumbai attack.

It is awful that when India should talk tough on the Mumbai terror attack, it has taken a defensive stand in this regard. The vacillating stance of the Indian government on Pakistan overtly describes that the Centre has gone astray in making decisive diplomacy. Now it seems that the India is going to hold meeting with Pakistan under some pressure. It looks odd that India is ready to hold talk with Pakistan on the issue related with Kashmir which it considers an indelible part and it also proves that Pakistan’s ISI is responsible for all turbulences and secessionist movements. It is disappointing that India talking big for mounting pressure on Pakistan seems to be helpless. If it is not so, the government should explain what is the reason to exclude the Mumbai terror attack from secretary-level talk between the two countries? Undoubtedly this will boost the position of Pakistan. Truly speaking the way Pakistan said that the secretary-level meet will not negotiate the Mumbai terror attack, it palpably shows that India seems to have found itself on sticky ground.