India's fast growing economy, human development and peace cannot be achieved without national security and adequate provision for fulfilling its energy needs. Independent Balochistan is the greatest hope for both. India is facing continuous security threats from Pakistan and China. Both countries are not only maintaining illegal occupation over Indian territory but also share this illegally occupied territory among each other for hatching conspiracies against India and encircling it strategically. Pakistan occupied a large part of Kashmir and Gilgit and Baltistan by force and now Chinese army is reportedly present there. Pakistan and Chinese involvement cannot be ignored in all the internal and external challenges of peace and security India is facing. Indian national wealth and taxpayer's money is unduly being spend on countering Pakistan sponsored terror that could be spent on poverty elevation and human development.

Until and unless Chinese people achieve democracy and replace present dictatorial regime that has forced them in a hell of the worst  kind of human rights violations and suffocation, no sustainable solution can be attained for the present unrest in the region which is an outcome of Chinese state's imperialist policies and practices including nuclear proliferation to Pakistan, occupation of indigenous lands for military bases via genocide, gold snatching and instigating terror in neighbouring countries. Pakistan Army is a gang of mercenaries ever ready for any kind of terrorism and war crimes for sustaning its terror empire and continuing its occupation on an unnatural and artificial nation that is Pakistan. List of their war crimes against people of Afghanistan during last forty years, and against Bangoli people in 70s are well enough to comprehend what kind of war crimes they are involved in on going genocide of Baloch people under the umbrella of so-called "China Pakistan Economic Corridor" which includes occupation of a Baloch deep sea port Gwadar and thousands of kilometres of Baloch lands for pipelines, roads, railways to snatch Baloch gold, oil and gas. Master plan of the so-called Gwadar Mega Project will result in settling of 100 million people from Pakistan and China, certainly it will continuously bring more and more waves of settlers and occupation of our lands. Baloch population in the area occupied by Pakistan is  20 million only, CPEC means memories of the disappeared Baloch would hardly be found in any museum. Ethnic cleansing via genocide, more than 200,000 Balochs have been killed, disappeared, tortured, raped during present military operation by Pakistan army to gift our land and port to China. Unmarked mass graves are regularly  found in Balochistan which is witnessing 5th uprising since 1947 against illegal and forcible occupation by Pakistan. The fact that Baloch population has been constantly fighting against Pakistan without any international support since it came into existence clearly demonstrate the indomitable zeal for freedom of Baloch nation.

Balochistan was an independent country even when British occupied major parts of South Asia. Balochistan had its formal boundaries, constitution, parliament and rule of law. On 27 March 1947 Pakistan attacked Balochistan and occupied it. A month before this attack leader of the House of Commons of Balochistan assembly Mir Bizanjov made a formal request to Mr. Nehru to intervene otherwise Pakistan is going to occupy us but Mr. Nehru refused. If Indian leadershipof that time had  taken a bold step, Pakistan would not have been able to occupy Balochistan. After independence of Bangladesh, without Balochistan there could have been no Pakistan and even if it had survived it would have been weak small land locked country which would not have been be able to create any problem for India or other neighbours. Indians should understand that Pakistan without Balochistan will be an economically unviable country as most of Pakistan's natural resources lie in Balochistan which Islamabad is looting away from Baloch people.  When Pakistan plan was floated by the Muslim League in 1940s, lot of people raised questions that Pakistan would not be an economically viable State. In reply, Muslim League leaders shamelessly said that Pakistan will survive on the natural resources of Balochistan. So Pakistan from day one was a parasitic concept. Today I as a Baloch daughter have come to India and openly calls for support of people of India for independence of Balochistan, because Indian people will  not be any less beneficiaries.

India is the fourth largest consumer of energy in the world. India imports 80% of oil it consumes but by 2030 its energy requirements will be double than today which means India must take serious action today to meet this challenge. To import oil, gas and export finished goods to Central Asian markets India needs thousands of kilometres of Baloch land and Baloch ports including Chahbahar, but to reach Chahbahar Indian ships will have to cross Gwadar wher China Pakistan are developing a Naval base. Only a peaceful friendly Independent Balochistan can provide the safest and shortest routes to Central Asia and energy import. An independent secular Bochistan will help check spreading wave of Jihadism in the region by creating a balance of power in the region against Pakistani State dominated by Punjabis and Pak Army with a Jihadist mindset. It is necessary to understand here that  currently ISI is using Balochistan's capital Quetta to host the leadership of Afghan Taliban which carries out attacks on Afghans, Indians and Americans inside Afghanistan. ISI has given a free hand to people like Hafiz Saeed in Balochistan so that his organization Jamaat ud Dawa may radicalise secular Baloch nationlist youngsters who would otherwise fight for independence of Balochistan. Leaving Balochistan in the clutches of ISI means exposing lakhs of Baloch youngsters to Jihadist virus and if ISI and Hafiz Saeed succeeded in brainwashing the minds of these youngsters , that will be a grave threat for India as well as the world peace.

So India and US must come forward to support secular Baloch struggle. International community has felt the pain of Yezidis and Kurds at the hands of Islamic State. However, Balochs are being subjected to gory genocide by Pakistan for more than 6 decades. Pakistan has put an iron curtain over all this and international media is not allowed in Balochistan. It is high time world community pays heed to cries of Baloch women and children and support Baloch freedom struggle to stop the expansion of ISI's terror empire.

By: Professor Naela Quadri Baloch

(Writer is President, World Baloch Women's Forum)


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