"The development of independent cinema, popularly known as Indie Cinema, will give further boost to parallel cinema in the country. The Independent filmmakers will get an opportunity to make movies independently. They will try to release themselves from the shackles of norms set up by the industry," Kasaravalli said.
Kasaravalli, who won the National Award for Best Feature Film four times, said that he is hopeful of Independent cinema's future in India with the audience becoming more open to niche content.
"The Indie content producers are making an effort to raise the bar when it comes to quality," he said in the wake of the success of Indie film ‘Ship of Theseus’. The
film had collected Rs 25.89 lakh in the first week of its release.
When asked about viability of Indie and parallel cinema at the box-office, Kasaravalli said, "Commercial aspect depends on the filmmaker. He has made a film. Let him sell it for a few thousands or a few lakhs. It is for the filmmaker to
"Why do we talk about commerce in cinema? Do we ever ask questions to a painter or a poet? But questions are asked to film-makers because somewhere in mind it is ingrained that cinema is a commercial activity," he added.


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