New Delhi: Anna Hazare’s movement against corruption has faced a major setback after its account ‘India Against Corruption’ was deleted from social networking site, Facebook. For recreation of the account, the supporters have started putting pressure through Twitter.

Expressing astonishment over the issue, Team Anna member Kiran Bedi on Twitter said, “I have no clue how the page has gone missing.”

Shivender Singh Chauhan, the administrator of the group said he doesn’t know if it is a technology issue or whether the page has been taken down by Facebook.

“This page is the most important thing for us, as it’s our own media, and it helps us disseminate information about the movement, and helps in the community building process. We are going to contact the support at Facebook, and we have been talking about the page being unavailable, on twitter. As of now, it’s too early to say (what has gone wrong), because it has happened earlier, but then it was down just for a few minutes,” Chauhan said.

Meanwhile, Twitter is continuously receiving messages for the restoration of IAC page on Facebook.

While co founder Sourav Baghel has termed the move as a ‘new censorship’ of the government, another supporter Suraj Chokhani has tweeted, “These kinds of dirty tricks won’t help. People will transform Delhi to Tahrir Square (in Egypt). Will then the government be able to stop the masses.”

(JPN/ Bureau)