New Delhi: India on Friday appreciated Pakistan's help in ensuring safe return of Indian sailors who were held captive by Somali pirates aboard M V Suez.

"We are relieved that their ordeal has ended and they would soon be safely back with their families," External Affairs Minister S M Krishna said here.

"We appreciate the timely help extended to them and sailors of other countries, by the Pakistani navy," he said in a statement.
The 22-member crew of M V Suez including six Indians were brought to Karachi on Thursday. The Indian sailors reached here on Friday.

At the same time, the Minister noted that 500 other sailors from across the world are still in captivity of pirates and pressed for coordinated efforts by countries to fight the scourge of piracy.

"The scourge of piracy requires a well coordinated response by all entities, especially navies of more than two dozen nations that provide security to sea faring vessels in piracy infested waters," he said.

The crew members of M V Suez, including four Pakistanis, a Sri Lankan and 11 Egyptians, were freed after over two million dollars was paid as ransom to the Somali pirates last week. The crew had been held by the pirates for about 10 months.