"There are a large number of Indians. We have an open border and visa-free access and easily walk in to each other's country. Our priority right now is to focus on the injured, elderly people, children and women," India's ambassador to Nepal Ranjit Rae said.

He asked Indians trying to return home from quake- affected areas not to panic.

"The commercial flights are taking place, the airport is open. We have put in special commercial flights as well...We are going to start evacuation by bus to many parts of India. So there is no need to panic for Indians who want to leave," Rae told a TV channel.

The Indian Embassy here had on Monday announced that it will start bus services from Kathmandu to Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh to evacuate its nationals stranded in Nepal.

"I also want to say that the situation is improving day by day, electricity has been restored and the tremors after the big earthquake have reduced. So definitely the situation is improving," he said.

There is no need for the Indian community in Nepal to panic at all, the Ambassador asserted.

Air services to quake-devastated Nepalese capital Kathmandu from India returned to normal on Monday but shortage of parking bays at the airport was preventing the carriers to operate more flights to evacuate stranded people.

A 7.9-magnitude earthquake jolted the Himalayan nation on Saturday followed by several aftershocks that left a trail of death and destruction. The powerful trembler flattened houses and buildings, including the iconic Dharhara tower and the landmark Darbar Square in the heart of the capital.

The death toll in the quake has climbed to over 4,000 with another 8,000 others injured in the disaster.

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