Torn by terror attacks off and on, devoured by upsurging price rise in all commodities and life sustaining services, fatigued with repeatedly false assurances of politicians, unedifying and incoherent plans of the government and marred by non-defining scams of worth thousands of crores of public money have collectively put citizens of India at a loss to sketch out their fate and future, life and security, profession and wealth, and last but not the least that whom to elect a leader in true sense for proper guidance and governance.

When we recall the leaders of yesteryears, we ought to know why people of India before and after Independence had reposed faith in them and their movement for freedom or modern India ? It is not hyperbolic to express that leaders of those difficult and hackneyed days were much aware of their responsibilities bestowed on them by the people of India, they always tried to serve the purpose of being peoples’ representatives.

We now claim to be more educated, we call ourselves more responsible, sensible, transparent and unequivocal but ironically, we fail to choose a righteous leader, we succumb to the thoughts of people with mean intention, caste-based faction and intrigue, needless to say, the fidgety condition, as a result pervades and corrodes India politically, economically, socially and geographically too.

Sitting at home and watching the news on TV, reading newspapers about incidents of cruelty and corruption must become an eye-opening factor to us, we should think to bail out ourselves from the saga of pain and sorrow that we have been gifted by our leaders today.
Is it justified that on one hand common people strive hard to earn but pay taxes as per norms laid down by the Government of India but on the other wealthy people are not being enforced to follow tax rules ? How can a nation develop without having uniform rule and regulation whether be it a tax matter or integrity of leaders or civil code of conduct?

In India, there are innumerable problems related to each and every sector or section of society but some are prominent and so much so glaring now that the names have become synonymous with Indian system – terrorism, corruption, political anarchy, casteism, indiscipline be it at home or work place or on road, killings on baseless issue, colossal failure of government rules and regulation, defective electoral and poll policy and rampant bribery from a constable or messenger to top officer. We are unfortunately part of such system where a sense of fear and dismal view of life have overshadowed us to an extent that if we do not come forward to safeguard ourselves rationally we will fall prey to this growing enormous evil-design of non-human inhabitants of the nation.

Surprisingly, the number of intellectuals in our country is far more than anywhere in the world but we fail to understand that we have gradually developed ourselves into drawing-room brooders. Remember, we, being the citizens of this country do face the outcome of all wrongdoings taking place around and across the nation. We need to raise ourselves above selfish motive and individualistic approach if we want to impart our generation with quality life and prosperous future.              

Dr A Jha
Editor, Jagranpost