Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar also said the Narendra Modi-led government does not "act under pressures" on green issues as its commitment is to millions of poor in the country who voted it to power with "great aspirations" in the last general elections.
He dismissed suggestions that the US was exercising pressure on India as far as climate change issue is concerned.
"We actually can co-partner on many issues. We expect that America, because it understands India's requirements, we will have good arrangements where we are also pro-active and positive and at the same time we get funds and technology. It is not about getting funds... Our actions will be more impressive then," the minister said at the India Today Global Round Table here.
Javadekar, however, pointed out that the US and other developed world have not fulfilled their commitment on creating Green Climate Fund (GCF) of USD 100 billion.
"In Lima, the American representative told they are pledging USD 3 billion. Obama is sincere about addressing the issue of climate change. But in the conference, they are adopting a different position. They have not approved USD 3 billion pledge.
"World must give Green Climate Fund. If they provide GCF, developing world will have more actions to cut emission and will have more energy efficiency," he said.
Asked whether India is under pressure from the US, which has sealed a deal on climate change with China late last year, Javadekar said, "There is no pressure and we don't take pressures. We are not in a habit of taking pressures and we don't act under pressure. Whatever we do we do with conviction, with commitment on our own volition."
"So pressure is not there and won't be there. But our action will be stronger and stronger by the day," he said.
Javadekar said an agreement is possible in the Paris Climate Conference later this year, if the developed world finds solutions to the issues of green technology transfer without IPR cost and addresses the issue of GCF "in a time bound manner".
"Otherwise it will be a hairsplitting thing in the end," he said.

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