"Sending them to Chennai will serve no purpose because I feel it is India which has lobbied behind the scenes to get Saeed and Hafeez suspended from bowling in international cricket," Ashraf claimed on Saturday.
"I believe it is India which has used its influence to try to keep Hafeez and Ajmal out of the World Cup. I would rather they are sent to Australia for the ICC bowling action tests," he stated.
Ashraf, largely a controversial figure in Pakistan cricket during his on and off tenures between 2011 and 2013, also questioned the PCB handling of the issue.
"Sending either Hafeez or Saeed to India is akin to sending someone into a hungry Lion’s cage and then hoping he will return without any harm," he said.
The PCB has already applied for a visa for Hafeez to go to the ICC accredited testing centre for an unofficial test and this month and there is also a similar plan for Saeed after he appears in two matches against the Kenyan team in Lahore.
Ashraf who opposed the concept of the 'Big Three' in the International Cricket Council (ICC) said he had warned that allowing India to take over the Chairmanship of the world body and giving them more power in the ICC would create problems for Pakistan.
"England is in hand in gloves with the Indians in the ICC," Ashraf stated.
He said that during his tenure Saeed Ajmal had got several offers to play in English county cricket but he had stopped him from doing this.
"The PCB even agreed to compensate him for his financial losses because I knew once he went there we will face problems and that is exactly what has happened," he stated.
He pointed out that when Pakistan played England in 2012 the Englishmen and media had raised doubts over Saeed’s action and he came under pressure.
"By allowing him to play in England the PCB made a blunder because it was while he was playing in England this year that the lobby against him again started a media campaign over his action and eventually it ended in his suspension.”
The former PCB chief noted that the board had also blundered by sending him to Lansborough for the unofficial test of his bowling.
"We shouldn't expect any progress by sending them to England or India if there is any hope their actions will be cleared then send them to Australia," he said.

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