Defence Minister AK Antony said the security forces have observed that the terrorists trying to infiltrate were well equipped and prepared to sustain for a longer period while carrying out their activities.
"In spite of preventing the infiltrators or minimize infiltration attempts, still these attempts are going on increasing. This means this is going on with the support of elements across the border. I am sure that nothing can happen there without the knowledge and tacit or sometimes open support of Pakistan," he told reporters.
"On Pakistan side, border is completely guarded by Pakistan Army. How can terrorists try to infiltrate into India without the knowledge and support of Pakistan? How can the terrorists embolden to increase the attempt to infiltrate without the tacit or sometimes open support of their armed forces? That is a question worrying us," he said.
Antony said there have been "unusual developments" of ceasefire violations on the International Border also this year.
"Ceasefire violation is still continuing. But this year, unusual developments are taking place. So far, ceasefire violations were taking place only on LoC. Suddenly, there is a series of ceasefire violations on the international border. That is more a matter of serious concern," he said.

Raising questions over Pakistan's intentions to improve relations, Antony said when the borders are being guarded by the forces of the two sides, how can terrorists make attempts to infiltrate into India.
"We are repeatedly telling (Pakistan) that India wants improvement in relations. If they are sincere in their attempts, how can this infiltration take place and infiltration attempts are also increasing," he asked.
The Defence Minister said though the level of violations on the international border have come down, the armed forces are keeping a watch and are fully prepared to meet any eventuality.
"I am confident that our security forces are able to meet any challenges. They are handling the situation very effectively and are on 24X7 guard there. So, they will handle it and they have the freedom. That is the standard operating procedure….Be rest assured of the capability and commitment of the armed forces," he said.
The comments came against the backdrop of repeated ceasefire violations by Pakistan which has caused casualties in Jammu and Kashmir.
Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and his Pakistan counterpart Nawaz Sharif, during their meeting in New York on September 29, had agreed that the DGMOs of the two countries would meet to ensure peace on the border.
However, the two countries are yet to schedule such a meeting.


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