Azad said the role of the millions of volunteers and vaccinators was also important to make India polio-free and make it an ideal nation for three other countries - Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria - where polio still prevails.

To commemorate the occasion, several monuments all over the country were illuminated by Rotary International, an organisation working for humanitarian services.

"It is a huge victory for India and its people. From being one of the most polio-infected regions a couple of years ago to completely becoming a polio-free nation, the campaign in India has come a long way," said Deepak Kapur, chairman of Rotary India National Polio Plus Committee.

He told reporters that though India has become polio-free, all precautions are needed to be taken till the time the world is declared polio-free.

India reported the last polio case in Howrah, West Bengal, Jan 13, 2011. Since then, it has not reported any case of polio.

India will be officially certified as a polio-free nation by the World Health Organisation for the Entire Southeast Asia Region (WHO-SEAR) on February 11.


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