Jaipur: Not paying much heed to international border laws, Pakistan has now played a new card. After building a railway platform just in front of Munabao border which is the zero line between India and Pakistan, the latter wants to develop it further. India has rejected Pakistan’s permission to develop the railway platform at the zero line.

Instead of removing the platform, Pakistan intends to further develop it. India is considering it a major security threat to the country.

The two nations had reopened the Munabao-Khokhrapar railway line in February 2006 after it was shut down during the war between India and Pakistan in 1965.

India had built world class station150 km away from zero line at Barmer district worth crores of rupees. Taking advantage of the harmony between two nations, Pakistan had then built a railway platform on the zero line itself.

India had expressed its objections, but Pakistan subdued the issue by calling the platform as a temporary arrangement.

Even after four years, the platform at the zero line is not being removed and Pakistan wishes to develop it. During the meeting held between Indian Border Security Force and Pakistan Rangers, Pakistani delegation expressed its wish and sought for India’s permission.

India, however, maintained that Pakistan should not violate any rules and avoid any construction on the zero line. As per the international border rules, no country can construct anything within the 150 km radius of the zero line.