New Delhi: India’s attempt to get into a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with European Union (EU) is proving to be a herculean task. And one of the biggest impediments in the process is EU’s demand to gain special access in the Indian patent market.

The legal framework in different countries of European Union being different is adding up to the problem.

It may be noted that the UPA government adopted the FTA strategy to meet damages incurred on Indian trade during recession. The government managed to get into agreements with ASEAN and some other East Asian countries, but was unable to convince the larger groups like European Union for it.

One of the major objects that contributed to the logjam is EU’s demand of India tightening up its intellectual property laws. Simultaneously it also wants a larger reach over India’s agriculture and auto markets. It wants India to lower tariffs for such products so that they could compete better in Indian market.

According to Commerce Ministry sources, most of the members of EU have different set of demands.  Some countries are also raining questions on the quality of Indian products.

India has already conducted around 12 meetings with the European Union. Another meeting will be held again next month, sources said, adding India-EU FTA is unlikely to happen in near future.