Nobody can deny that the fervor of the nation on the 65th Independence Day is different from the past. Whatever may be the reason, say it was destined to be so or a result of the prevailing state of affairs, it sounds disturbing. However, the nation will have to recover itself from such a gloomy atmosphere if it wants to realize its dreams. It is important to keep its hopes alive that ultimately clouds of hopelessness and pessimism would disappear some day. Undoubtedly, it would happen only if we reform our style of functioning, which has become archaic and redundant. The policy makers of the country must realize that mere promises and half-baked actions would not satisfy people anymore. Half-hearted measures are not only creating new problems but they are also adding to the discontent. In such circumstances, mere assertions like maintaining the Supremacy of the Parliament would not be appreciated alone because it is clearly visible to people that functioning of the government is not moving in the right direction and at the desired pace. A vigilant populace and their increased participation are the only way out to ensure proper functioning of the Parliament, government and other institutions of the country. This nation belongs to all. Therefore, everybody will have to contribute in nation building. Only then, those at the helm - who are responsible for the downbeat atmosphere – would start realizing their responsibility towards the common man.

Addressing the nation on the eve of Independence Day, President Pratibha Patil suggested for wider introspection and the need to strengthen the institutions by good governance. Her suggestions need serious considerations. The policy makers must understand that the lack of transparency and accountability are the biggest hurdles in fighting the menace of corruption and ensuring good governance. The President has termed corruption as a disease that inflicts the political, social, economic and the cultural life of the nation. Every possible action must be taken to eradicate this disease. Inflation is another issue which is badly affecting the life of common man, especially those living below poverty line. It is an open secret that benefits of economic growth are not being distributed among all the sections of the society. Any delay in plugging the loopholes is undesirable. The nation is passing through a phase in which the country cannot be left in the hands of political class alone. At a time when the nation is changing and also possesses huge potential for larger change, enhanced participation of people, especially the youth, in nation building is the need of the hour. Let us not forget that the world looks towards India with lots of hope and expectations, and it is all because of the country’s abundant potential and youth power.