New Delhi: India is developing a doctrine for use of force in maritime security beyond its shores, National Security Advisor Shivshankar Menon said here on Wednesday.

"Today we are in a position to make greater contribution in areas of global good such as maritime security. At the same time, we are moving towards the Indian doctrine for the use of force, which is still a work in progress," he said in his address at 16th Field Marshal K M Cariappa memorial lecture.

However, when asked for details, he refused to elaborate.

The NSA said that India should continue developing its maritime capabilities and fulfil its responsibilities in contributing to security in the Indian Ocean littoral. This will be critical for India to ensure its security.

The NSA said that the country should keep learning from its experiences and in this regard, a National Task Force has been constituted to review national security and its report was expected soon.

"The task force will submit its recommendations soon and I hope would enable us to move towards holistic integration of all instruments of state power to meet the challenges," he said.

The task force has been formed under former bureaucrat Naresh Chandra and has several former services chiefs and strategic analysts as its members.

Observing that the country was willing to work with its Asian partners for enhancing security of the region if they desired so, he said India's situation was unique and "we have to build our own security and strategic culture and doctrines."

The NSA said that India should shape its military power "in line with political objectives that are feasible in the conditions of nuclear overhang in our neighbourhood". Observing that the world was witnessing a global shift of power which had immediate consequences for the country, Menon said.

 "We need to develop power to deal with terrorists, weaker powers, small groups. A capability which is different from the conventional power."

Asked to comment on the mandate of Naresh Chandra Committee, Army Chief Gen V K Singh said, "The framework given to us is that we have to interact with them and tell them what our problems are and how we can do something for the national security."

He said the task force has been asked to do a comprehensive review of national security including both external and internal aspects of it.