The Indian Air Force Chief, Air Chief Marshal NAK Browne, took delivery of the second IAF C-17 from Boeing in Long Beach, California on Monday.

Like the first, this transport aircraft will also immediately enter service. India will receive 10 aircraft by 2014 making it the largest C-17 operator outside the US. "Our first C-17 Globemaster III not only signifies a tremendous boost in our strategic airlift capability, but also is poised to form a major component in the IAF's modernization drive," Browne said.

"I wish to place on record my appreciation to the US government, the US Air Force and the Boeing team for the timely delivery of the aircraft that makes the IAF the world's second-largest operator of the C-17 after the US" Boeing is on schedule to deliver three more IAF C-17s this year and five in 2014. The C-17 can operate in extreme climates, transport large payloads across vast ranges and land on short, austere runways," Browne added.

C-17s have an important role in supporting unique Indian Air Force operations in remote locations such as the Himalayas and desert environments," said Nan Bouchard, Boeing vice president and C-17 programme manager."The C-17 provides the versatility to complete any mission, anywhere. We look forward to working with the Indian Air Force and the US Air Force as we deliver the remainder of India's fleet," he added.

Boeing is supporting the IAF aircraft through the Globemaster III Integrated Sustainment Programme (GISP) Performance-Based Logistics contract. The GISP "virtual fleet" arrangement ensures mission readiness by providing all C-17 customers access to an extensive support network for worldwide parts availability and economies of scale.


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