"Over the past three decades, the country has been throwing up fractured verdicts. The political instability that ensued was reflected in the world's attitude towards India.
"Now that the BJP has achieved power with an absolute majority, India has begun to get its due on the international stage," Modi told a meeting of party workers here.
"Today, whenever the leader of a foreign country meets Modi he does not see only Modi the PM. He sees the huge support of 1.25 billion countrymen that helped me reach where I am," the Prime Minister told a massive gathering which had assembled to listen to the Prime Minister on his first visit to his Lok Sabha constituency after assuming power.
"A stage has come where no country can now think of treating India with contempt or condescension. Every country today is looking at us either with deference or as an equal," the Prime Minister said.
"I hope that the era of fractured verdicts is now over. I wish that henceforth whenever there are elections anywhere in the country, may the winning party get a complete majority on its own," said Modi, whose party BJP won Maharashtra and Haryana Assembly elections recently
The Prime Minister, who said that he was thrilled to speak to "such a vast assembly of party workers, for the first time after Lok Sabha elections", expressed confidence that BJP would win in Jharkhand and Jammu and Kashmir Assembly polls too.
"We are running a government which is in tune with the people's needs and sentiments, which cares for the poor and the downtrodden.
"We have been blessed by the electorate for this approach in Maharashtra and Haryana.
"And I am confident that we would again receive the people's blessings in Jharkhand and Jammu and Kashmir as well," Modi said, evoking a thunderous round of applause from the crowds.
The Prime Minister had a special word of thanks for the people of Uttar Pradesh, which is the most populous state in the country and hence sends the largest number of elected members to the Lok Sabha.
The BJP had won 71 out of 80 seats in the state, its best-ever performance owing in no small measure to Modi's decision to contest from Varanasi.
"I must admit that but for the tremendous support that we received from the people of UP, a majority government could have never been installed in the country.
"I am also thankful to the people of Kashi (the name by which Varanasi is traditionally known) for the love they showered on me and helped me win by such a huge margin.
"I promise that I will try to solve this holy city's problems to the best of my ability.
"The love that I have got is a debt that I would like to repay with interest (sood samet lautaoonga)," Modi added.

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