New Delhi: Baffled over the political mudslinging in land acquisition disputes, the industrial sector has termed it as unhealthy sign for the future. It has appealed to politicians from all parties to bring about the required amendments in the Land Acquisition Act, as it will lead to industrial growth and also create job opportunities.

The Industrial Chamber of the country has strongly favoured the amendments in the Land Acquisition Act which was introduced more than 100-years back.

Rajiv Kumar, who took over the charge of Secretary General of Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) on Monday said, “Politics on Land Acquisition amendment may affect the development of the country.”  He claimed that before making the amendments, the issue should be discussed with the different sections of society. Simultaneously, it has to be ensured that unwarranted obstacles are not created during each land acquisition process.

“Recently it has been observed that even though the legal formalities had been completed in some land acquisition process, they too were targeted for no rhyme or reason,” he said, adding “Such situation creates doubt in the mind of investors.”

FICCI Secretary General opines that in the proposed amendments, the government could adopt the Haryana model on a national level.

CII Director General Chandrajit Banerjee said, “Land acquisition is not a new issue, two decades back many states had acquired land for the promotion of industrialization. However, the process has changed now.”

He added, “Now states are competing with one -another to attract investments. If obstacles are created in the way of Land Acquisition it might have a negative impact.”

Banerjee expressed hope that with the help of proposed revised Bill, government will eliminate  prevailing uncertainty over the Land Acquisition Act which will protect the interests of farmers while promoting industrialization.

Though the government has assured to introduce the Land Acquisition Amendment Bill in the next Parliament session, India Inc believes that the increasing politicisation of the issue may create a hindrance in the entire process.