"India is unique in a number of different ways. In India, (there is) such an embrace of technology in development as a whole. It is unbelievable the quality and diversity of development that is coming out of the country," Senior Director of Windows Product Marketing at Microsoft Aaron Woodman told media on the sidelines of the just-concluded annual developers' conference 'Build 2016' here.

Underlining the importance of the Indian market from the perspective of Cloud computing, Microsoft's Cloud Platform General Manager Julia White said that India is an "amazing and robust market", particularly against the backdrop of the innovations coming from there and the growing start-up culture.

Noting that there is significant development being done in India on Windows, Woodman said the country's embrace of the English language in addition to the native languages and dialects has helped Microsoft a lot in terms of its acceleration and ability to speak to developers and have a conversation.

"It does not feel like it goes through a filter," Woodman said adding that the widespread use of English is also one of the reasons that enabled Microsoft to bring its digital personal assistant programme Cortana to the Indian market.

Making India even more unique is its large economy, which while presenting challenges around distribution, price and accessibility, is valuable because of the manner in which educational institutions across the country have embraced technology.