Tokyo (Agencies): Japan on Tuesday said it will sign a free trade agreement with India that would abolish duties on more than 90 per cent of trade for 10 years.

Foreign Minister Seiji Maehara and Indian Commerce and Industry Minister Anand Sharma were to conclude the accord on Wednesday, officials said.

This agreement would eliminate tariffs on 90 per cent of Japanese exports to India, such as auto parts and electric appliances, and 97 per cent of imports from India, including agricultural and fisheries products, until 2021.

The two countries have been negotiating since January 2007.

"With the accord, the government can support Japanese firms doing business in India, which seeks infrastructure technologies from Japan,” said Trade Minister Banri Kaieda during a news conference.

Both the countries will also discuss talks on lifting employment restrictions to allow Indians to work in Japan as nurses and care givers.