Bangalore: India adopted a policy of pragmatic politics towards her pro-democracy movement keeping in mind New Delhi's own interests rather than people of Myanmar, Nobel Peace Laureate Aung San Suu Kyi said on Saturday.
During an interaction with students of Indian Institute of Science here, she, however, said she has warm feelings towards India, adding, some of her best and close friends are Indians.
On India's stand towards her movement back home, she said she is practical, remarking "politics is politics" and it has to be pragmatic. India looked at its own greater good rather than the greater good of another country (Myanmar).
"This is something I accept", the champion of democracy hastened to add. "But I am very confident that relations between our two countries will improve because there is certain affinity between our two people".
Suu Kyi defended her peaceful struggle for democracy in Myanmar, saying violent ways would inflict many wounds which would take a long time to heal. "I believe in peaceful transfer of power".
She said she draws strength and courage from her commitment to the cause. "Cause comes above every thing else".       

Suu Kyi also pitched for promotion of science among the youth. "Science promotes healthy curiosity. Science teaches you to ask 'why'".
"Teaching of science in my country has deteriorated greatly during the last few decades. Not just teaching of science but education in general", she said, adding, the standard of education needs to raised in Myanmar so that the country takes its "rightful place" in the world.
"...and there have been times when I regretted the fact that I did not choose science rather than liberal arts, humanities if you like", Suu Kyi added.


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