Speaking at a banquet hosted by him in honour of the visiting Governor General of Canada, David Johnston, and his wife Sharon, Mukherjee said, "India looks forward to working with Canada on the peaceful uses of nuclear energy and efficient utilization of hydrocarbons and renewable (energy)."

India is also looking forward to a partnership with Canada in agriculture, including in the production of fertilizers.

"A major producer of food and a pioneer in agri-processing, Canada has for many years been a key source of India's requirement of pulses. As India pursues her goals of food security and the strengthening of our agriculture sector, we look forward to our cooperation in this field —— including in the production of fertilizers," he said.

India welcomes Canadian investors and is keen to work with Canadian partners —— especially in the development of infrastructure and upgrading of skills and technology, Mukherjee said, adding that the two countries should facilitate and enhance the partnerships between their universities.

"India and Canada have weathered the global economic downturn through fiscal discipline and timely policy measures. We have set an example and contributed to constructive deliberation in international economic institutions on stabilizing the situation," he said.


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