Washington: Leading an international effort of imposing tough sanctions on Tehran, the Obama administration is in talks with India to reduce New Delhi's dependence on Iranian oil.
The US is talking to a broad number of allies and partners about a legislation that the US President (Barack Obama) signed and about the implications, trying to urge as many countries as possible to reduce their dependence on Iranian crude, State Department spokesperson Victoria Nuland said.
This is another way that the international community can send a message to Iran about the choice it faces, she said.
"India is one of the countries that we’re talking to, and we will continue to talk to India about this legislation, and we are hopeful that we can make progress together, because
India certainly shares our view that what Iran is doing on the nuclear docket is dangerous, and we have a shared interest in getting them to change course," Nuland said.
Nuland was responding to questions on the statement made by a senior Indian official that New Delhi would continue to do business with Iran.
The US on Thursday asked China to reduce its dependence on Iranian oil.
Under US' measures, foreign firms will have to choose between Iran or US to do business.