He said Congress leaders have to find a way out of the 'chakravyuh' that is their own creation. "No one is above the law. India has never accepted the diktat that the queen is not answerable to law", Jaitley said in a Facebook post. He said neither the government nor parliament could help the Congress in this matter.

"By a series of financial transactions, leaders of the Congress created a 'chakravyuh' for themselves. They have to (now) find their own exit route out of the chakravyuh", Jaitley said.

"The answer to the Congress leadership landing up in a 'chakravyuh' is to fight their battle legally and not disrupt parliament. By disrupting democracy, the financial web created by the Congress leaders cannot be undone", he added.

Denying the Congress charge of political vendetta, he said calling it so was tantamount to a charge against courts."They (Congress leadership) have acquired properties worth huge amounts without spending anything. They have used tax-exempted income for a non-exempted purpose. They have transferred the income of a political party to another company. They have created huge taxable income in favour of the second company", he stated.

Jaitley said the government so far has not taken any punitive action in the case. The continuing confrontation between the Congress and the government saw the main opposition party forcing repeated adjournments in the Rajya Sabha over the National Herald case and a walkout in the Lok Sabha to demand a BJP member's suspension over his 'objectionable remarks'.

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