"It's only the court that will decide guilt or innocence. The private complaint is before the court, and it's irrelevant to find who the complainant is and what his motives are," he cited.

"Under the Indian law, if any citizen comes to know of a violation of law it's his duty to inform the court or the investigative agencies. Any citizen can set the process of criminal law into motion, which the complainant in that case has set. Therefore, they have to go the court, face the court and answer the court," the Union Minster cited.

Earlier, Sonia Gandhi had said, "I'm daughter-in-law of Indira Gandhi. I'm not scared of anything. Why should I be scared?"

Criticising the Opposition for disrupting the parliamentary proceedings, Jaitley said, "Nobody enjoys immunity from the court proceedings in India and, therefore, they have to face the trial. They have a remedy to either challenge them further or go to the trial court. But how does Parliament feature in this?"

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