Out of the box thinking had seen India develop the missile in collaboration with Russia, chief controller (R&D), DRDO and CEO and MD of BrahMos Aerospace, Dr A Sivathanu Pillai, said on day as he delivered the 35th Dr Vikaram Sarabhai Memorial Lecture.
"During the war of US with Iraq's Saddam Hussein, western countries used the Tomahawk cruise missile," Pillai said.
"On the first night of the war, the US launched more than 1,000 cruise missile, destroying the air defence system of Iraq. Then the war was won after fighter planes were able to bomb that country at will," he said.
Tomahawk missiles are subsonic and cannot travel faster than sound, he said. "We thought of doing something out of the box with the cruise missile and decided to have supersonic cruise missiles which can travel faster than the speed of sound. Russia was
also working on it and we formed a joint venture. After years of hard work, we developed, tested and successfully produced the BrahMos supersonic cruise missile," he said.
"These have been inducted into our army and it is the only army in the world with such missiles. Other countries are still struggling to make a supersonic cruise missile," the scientist, who was involved with the development of the project, said.
Cruise missiles which travel at a low altitude and at supersonic speeds, are very dangerous for the enemy, he said.
The range of the missile is 300km and it is available in sea and land versions while another type was being developed for launch from fighter planes, he added.


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