"There is an atmosphere of war around. Threats are coming from there (Pakistan) that they are ready. Who will die? A poor Kashmiri here and a poor Kashmiri there. And what will happen? Nothing will change. The line (Line of Control) will not change, but we will die.

"I request both the countries and appeal to them to stop this line of war and try to resolve the issues through dialogue," Abdullah said in his address to party workers at the mausoleum of his father and NC founder Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah on his 33rd death anniversary.

His comments came in the wake of the Pakistan Army Chief describing Kashmir as an 'unfinished agenda' and warning of 'unbearable damage' in case of a 'long or short' misadventure by the 'enemy' after the Indian Army Chief said last week that Indian Army was prepared for 'swift, short nature of future wars'.

Invoking the views of former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee in this regard, Abdullah urged both India and Pakistan to tread the road of progress through friendship.

"We can move forward only through talks. We have not moved forward through bombs till now and will not do so in the future as well. Nothing can happen with these threats. I remember that when former Prime Minister Vajpayee went to Karnah (in north Kashmir), I was there. He made a speech and people of Pakistan were listening. He said friends can be changed but neighbours cannot be changed,” NC chief stated.

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