Beijing: India and Pakistan should learn to live with each other's positions and talk so that "issues" between the two countries do not pass on to the next generation, Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar has said.
Khar, who is on her maiden visit to China, said, Pakistan accords priority to improve ties with neighbours specially India and Afghanistan.
Difficulties in the relationship between Pakistan and India should not simply pass on to the next generation, Khar, who was elevated as Pakistan's foreign minister last month, told state-run newspaper.
Besides unresolved "core issues", mutual trust must be built by looking at other issues, she said. Islamabad and New Delhi have to learn to live with each other's positions and talk to each other.
"If we can't learn to trust each other, the issues will be passed on to the next generation," she told.
On Afghanistan, she said that any action in the war ravaged country should be based on realities on the ground and not on any artificial or preset deadlines.
"Pakistan will support the Afghans' decisions built on political reconciliation and the strategic agreement reached with countries in the region," she said.
But surprisingly, even Chinese media's focus remained on terrorism emanating from Pakistan, while covering her first visit, in the light of August 1 charge by a municipal government of Kasghar, a city in China's Xinjiang which experienced brutal attacks by Uyghur militants last month.
Highlighting China's concerns, the headline in Thursday's China Daily about her visit was Pakistan Foreign Minister calls for "more robust" anti terror cooperation.

Khar told the daily that China and Pakistan will seek more robust ties on counter terrorism mechanism through existing cooperation.
"Terrorism is against the interests of both our countries and regional economic integration. And we are going to push such cooperation further by strengthening the sharing of intelligence," she told.
The East Turkistan Islamic Movement (ETIM), she said are a common enemy and both the countries having firm resolve to eliminate the menace.
She also said media's attention on her "personal charm and doubts over her diplomatic experience," should not overshadow her work.
"I hope such media discussion will not overshadow my real diplomatic activities, and of course there are both advantages and disadvantages of being young, but you can't measure a person's ability by how old he or she is," she said, stressing that many people tend to overlook her seven-year career in the federal government as Junior Minister in President Gen. Pervez Musharraf administration.