Jaipur: While targeting Indian Army, Pakistan has started war exercises on its border connecting India's Rajasthan state. It is adopting a counter exercise which is on for a fortnight now at a place which is only a few kilometres away from Rajasthan's Jaisalmer city.

In resposnse to India’s successful completion of its 'Vijayee Bhava' exerciee in North Rajasthan to test the operational and transformational ability of its Army it has  launched a similar exercise a fortnight ago in the desert terrain of Sindh and Punjab provinces.

The war game, described by the Pakistan Army is a collective summer training exercise which will be completed within the next fortnight and is primarily focussed on testing its man and machinery in both defensive and offensive warfare , the sources said.

The corps' infantry, mechanised infantry and armoured units, along with other battle assets such as artillery units, will also be pushed to the limits in searing heat in the Thar desert during the field exercise.

Recently, India also tested its Army’s operational ability and warfare synergy in the six-day Army exercise held in north Rajasthan.

Evidently, the Pakistan Army has conducted a couple of major exercises in the last four years to train its troops to counter an Indian strategy, loosely termed as 'Cold Start' doctrine by Indian military think tanks and the media.

In an another issue, some movement of Pakistan Army has been noticed by the Indian defence forces in the Shriganga Nagar district after which more contingents of army have been been deployed in the region.