Dubai: India is the world's 19th biggest exporter in merchandise trade surpassing countries like Australia, Brazil, Switzerland and Sweden, according to the recent classification done by the World Trade Organisation (WTO) Secretariat for 2011.
A report released by WTO Secretariat said India exported of USD 297 billion in merchandise trade.
The figures were released on the sidelines of the announcement of the 27th International Autumn Trade Fair (IATF2012), which will be held here from 11-13 December.
This year the fair will host the official national pavilions of six countries, including 225 exhibitors from China, 30 from India, 35 from Hong Kong, 15 from Korea, 20 from Taiwan and 10 from Pakistan.
Other countries participating at IATF 2012 at individual levels include UAE, Netherlands, Turkey, Indonesia, Malaysia and Iran.
US tops the list of importers with USD 2,265 billion of imports in 2011.


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