New Delhi: Taking a serious view of comments made by the US government on the ongoing stalemate between the Government and Team Anna over the issue of corruption, New Delhi has registered its protests on Friday terming the US comments as ‘unnecessary’.

Vishnu Prakash,Spokesperson of the Ministry of External Affairs said, “We have gone through the US comments on peaceful protests in India. The freedom of speech and expression as well as of peaceful assembly are enshrined in the Constitution of India and exercised by 1.2 billion people of the country.”

In response to a question about peaceful protests against corruption and the police action, US State Department spokesperson Victoria Nuland had said that his country supports the right of peaceful, non-violent protest around the world.

“India will exercise democratic restraint while dealing with protests like those undertaken by Anna Hazare,” Nuland had observed.

This is not the first time he US has made public comment on such developments in India.

The US commented on the police action on Baba Ramdev satyagraha on June 4 though termed it India’s internal issue.