"We welcome an India that is a strong player on the global stage, that is a strong player within Asia," a White House official.
The official said the Obama Administration sees importance of Asia to American foreign policy both in terms of its commitment to democracy and to opening of the markets.
Meanwhile, according to sources, a lot of discussion between Obama and Prime Minister Narendra Modi would be devoted to assessing progress in bilateral ties.
They acknowledged that the two leaders are likely to discuss regional and international relations, but noted that economy related issues might dominate the proceedings.
Observing that Modi sees foreign policy as a very powerful tool to accelerate the development process, the official said there would be fair amount of development economy related issues.
And the US would be getting business in return – one of the goals of the American President's trip. India, according to sources, want investment of American companies, collaboration of US institutes and that opening up American capabilities to India. Such a move would fast track India's development, the official added.

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