New Delhi: The Human Development Index (HDI) report released by the Planning commission has proved a mixed baggage for India with issue of concern dominating the past achievement. While, the report points out that even though there has been an improvement in education and literacy, India continues to remain a home to one-third illiterates in the world. Out of the total illiterates in the country, the maximum are to Schedule Caste, Schedule tribes and Muslims.   

What comes across as a more evident fact is that states like UP, Bihar and West Bengal have ignored Muslim education. As a cumulative result, the failure of education to the Muslim community in these three big states has adversely affected the country's human development report.

Condition is such that more than half of the women populations of the SC and ST communities are illiterate. However, as far as literacy front is concerned, Muslims are largely ignored in the country.

Even if there is an improvement in the literacy rate, UP, Bihar and Bengal still paint a very pitiable picture. 46 percent of the total Muslim population comprising of seven years and above reside in these states which are home to 58 per illiterate Muslims in the country.

The Muslim Community comprises of 19.2 percent of the total UP population of 20 crore, 14.8 percent of West Bengal, 13.4 percent of Bihar. 46 percent of the total SC population is from UP, Bihar, Andhra Pradesh and West Bengal.  

Rajasthan, Jharkhand, Orissa, Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh are the states, where 48 percent of total SC population is based. 55 percent of the total illiterate population is from these states.

Reports say that until the policy makers do not take up the affair seriously, it would be difficult for these states to match the performance of the other states.

Maximum numbers of illiterates are from rural areas and females are said to be the more deprived of education.

(JPN/ Bureau)