Chennai: Expressing 'surprise' over India supporting a 'weak' and 'diluted' US resolution against Sri Lanka at UNHRC, former UPA ally DMK on Thursday said New Delhi had by its action "totally disappointed" the entire Tamil Diaspora.

DMK Parliamentary Party Leader TR Baalu said that they had wanted India to propose amendments in order to declare that Sri Lanka had committed "genocide, human rights violations and war crimes". "We (also) wanted to have amendments for independent, credible, international inquiry into war crimes and human rights violations committed by Sri Lanka. But to our surprise, government of India has simply supported a diluted and a weak resolution," he said.

India had not even tried to propose any amendments to the US-backed resolution which was adopted by 25-13 margin with eight abstentions, he said. "Government of India has totally disappointed not only the eight crore tamil population but the entire Tamil diaspora," Baalu added.

Resolution against SL adopted at UNHRC

The US-sponsored resolution on Sri Lankan war crimes was adopted at UNHRC on Thursday after 25 nations including India favoured it against Lanka on Thursday. India voted in favour of US-sponsored UNHRC resolution against Sri Lanka on human rights, reports said. However, 13 countries including Pakistan, Venezuela and Thailand voted for Sri Lanka against US-sponsored resolution that sought to "discredit" and "single out" the country over alleged human rights violations.

India demanded a speedy rehabilitation of displaced people in Sri Lanka as it called for independent probe of human rights violations. According to reports, Indian representative at UNHRC said, "We encourage Sri Lanka to expedite the process of broad- based, inclusive and meaningful reconciliation. We note Sri Lanka's invitation to UN Human Rights Commissioner; we urge her to undertake it as early as possible."


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