According to Accenture's Digital Consumer Tech Survey 2014, respondents from India were most interested in buying fitness monitors (80 percent), smart watches (76 percent) and Internet-enabled eyeglasses (74 percent).
About 80 percent said they plan to buy a smartphone, 69 percent a High Definition TV, 65 percent a traditional tablet PC, and 63 percent a laptop PC.
"India is clearly a major growth market for consumer electronics. Craving more personalized digital experiences, the country's consumers rank among the world's most willing to pay for and use consumer electronics devices – including wearable technologies," Accenture Global MD (Electronics and High-Tech industry group) Mattias Lewren said.
Globally, 52 percent said they were interested in buying wearable technologies like fitness monitors for tracking physical activity and managing their personal health.
About 46 percent said they wanted to buy smart watches while 42 percent said they were interested in purchasing Internet-connected eyeglasses.
The survey, which was conducted across Australia, Canada, India, South Africa, UK and US, covered more than 6,000 people.
Wearable technologies can be used for a range of applications like tracking a person's heart rate and calories burned through fitness monitors or enabling consumers to browse the Internet, take digital photos and receive hand-free notifications through Internet-connected eyeglass displays.

"In the past year wearable technologies have emerged as the next big consumer electronics market category, particularly for health and wellness," Lewren said.
To capitalize on this growth opportunity, consumer electronics companies should consider investing in wearable product innovation and industrial design, and building ecosystems that connect them to the broader array of interactive digital networks, Lewren said.
Globally, 52 percent respondents said they plan to purchase a smartphone next year while 40 percent voted for a tablet PC.
Similarly, 41 percent said they intend to buy a HD TV, 38 percent a laptop, 25 percent home game consoles, 23 percent Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) navigation units and 22 percent ebook readers.


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