"I am happy to announce that in the next budget session, we are going to have a comprehensive climate legislation which will ensure a better environment," Javadekar said at the Globe COP20 Legislators' Summit in Lima.

Raising the issue of climate finance, the minister said the Green Climate Fund must become a reality.

"From 2012, we were expecting to start with USD 10 billion every year to reach USD 100 billion by 2020 and then continue with USD 100 billion per year. But today, the fund was a meager USD 9.7 billion. So, that will be a main point of deliberation in Lima," he  said.

As the danger of climate change has become more evident today, Javadekar said "Intended Nationally-Determined Contributions (INDC) is a way forward".

The INDC is a concept that suggests every country take actions to mitigate the effect of climate change and must make them known to other global partners in this effort.

Javadekar acknowledged Globe India's role in raising awareness about climate change while adding a perspective to it.

Globe India president Bhubaneswar Kalita, who was also present at the conference, described the impact of climate change as inter-generational and global.

"Since no country can isolate itself from the impact of climate change, all will have to walk and talk together to face the challenges," he stressed.

Globe India is a subsidiary of Globe International, an organization comprising parliamentarians from over 80 countries who oversee the implementation of laws regarding sustainable development.

The minister said every country can contribute to Lima in its own way, describing the conference as a preparatory event for the more significant Paris Summit in 2015.

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