New Delhi: Terming "absolutely unacceptable" and "inhuman" the Pakistani army's violation of the LoC ceasefire and killing two Indian soldiers by slitting their throats, External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid on Tuesday said India will give a "proportionate response".

Khurshid told a leading news television that the government will make it clear to Pakistan that the action of its troops was absolutely unacceptable and it needed answers.

"This is inhuman, extremely myopic, short-sighted. Has caused us tremendous hurt," Khurshid said. He said government will reflect on steps that are meaningful and effective keeping in mind the security of the country and sentiments of the people."It is not something of light nature, public opinion does not accept it," Khurshid said.

Terming the incident as an unwholesome development, the minister said India will factor it in the roadmap for the future."We want proportionate response (will take) a collective view in the government," he said. He said the government will analyse the purpose of the action of Pakistan troops and factor in all dimensions in its decisions.

Khurshid termed the brutality and mutilation "extremely distressing"."We need answers from the Pakistani side. We may have to go beyond the procedures," he warned. Pakistani troops intruded into Jammu and Kashmir on Tuesday and killed two Indian soldiers by slitting their throats.


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