New Delhi: Union Minister of Environment and Forest, Jayanthi Natarajan has cleared that India will fulfill its responsibility towards pollution control without entering the international legal framework.

Laying stress on the extension of Kyoto protocol, Natarajan said that India will negotiate on global climatic policies only after the extension of Kyoto protocol till 2012. The Minister raised the issue in a meeting held in South Africa, earlier this week.

It is to be mentioned that India has emerged as an important representative among the developing nation on international protocols for conservation of environment.

According to her, negotiating on the legal framework for an agreement whose contents are not yet finalised is not the subject of discussion till the next international meeting which is to be held in December.

However, the former environment minister, Jairam Ramesh, kept soft attitude on the legal framework for environment conservation in the international conferences. In the last meeting, Ramesh stated that nations should be prepared to follow the agreement.

On the contrary, Natarajan said that developed nation should first pay the price of destructing the environment in last 150 years.